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Florentiner March - Fucik - Requested Arrangement

Thursday, 31 October 2013

By request SafeMusic has published this revised edition of Julius Fucik's celebrated ‘Florentiner March'. Although most audiences remember Julius Fucik for his "Entry of the Gladiators" march, a recent international popularity poll indicates a preference for his "Florentiner March". Fucik himself subtitled this march "Grande Marcia Italiana" (Great Italian March), and "Florentiner" refers to the Italian city of Florence, then part of the Austrian empire, in whose army Fucik served as a bandmaster. Fucik apparently attempted to condense the most important material for an operetta into a march, resulting in what might be called a concert march, a symphonic march, even an operatic march. It's a wonderful concert opener for a program with an Italian theme.

In this revised edition Geoff Kingston and Ian Macpherson have rescored this elegant march, making it suitable for the modern concert band, whilst not losing any of its original charm and sparkle.

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