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Tricycle Ride - Bill Pollard

Saturday, 03 December 2016

"Tricycle Ride", composed and arranged by Bill Pollard, initially started as a description of an asteroid tumbling through space, but a few bars into the main melody made him realised that it would make a great novelty item, describing the joy of a young girl taking her first spin on her favourite birthday present ..... a Tricycle. She has to negotiate several activities during her travels, not least crossing the road full of busy traffic and mending a wonky wheel.

This wonderfully descriptive score is an ideal piece to play as a fun item and can be performed as a standalone work or enhanced with the addition of a narrator; telling the story as the piece is played, thereby helping the audience to visualise Amy's journey.

This is a great, first published, composition from Bob and one that will no doubt prove popular with bands of all grades. A wonderfully descriptive piece that will appeal to all ages.

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