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Chris King

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Chris King started his interest in music while playing the cornet at school and with various brass bands in Lincolnshire, where he grew up.

His musical career began at the Army Junior School of Music, Pirbright, where he trained as a Junior Musician between 1987 and 1989. On completion of his training he attended the one-year Pupil’s course at Kneller Hall where he won the prestigious Frank Wright cornet competition.

In 1990, Chris was posted to the Royal Artillery Band at Woolwich where he served for nine years before beginning the three-year Bandmaster’s course at Kneller Hall. He completed the Bandmaster’s course in August of 2002 armed with a first-class honours Degree in Music, and was subsequently posted to the Minden Band as Bandmaster.

In early, 2006, Chris was posted back to Kneller Hall in the staff appointment of Training Development Team Warrant Officer.

Chris is married to Anna with two daughters, Helena and Imogen, and a large Newfoundland dog named Archie.

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