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The Minute Waltz - Clarinet Solo

Saturday, 25 October 2014

'The Minute Waltz' was composed by Chopin who took his inspiration from watching a small dog chase its tail. In fact the original name of the piece was ‘Valse du petite chien,' meaning ‘The Little Dog Waltz'. Although the work is given the tempo marking of molto vivace Chopin did not intend for his waltz to be played in one minute: a typical performance can last from one and a half to two and a half minutes. This said the work is often performed as fast as possible.

Arranged for Solo Clarinet and Concert Band and imaginatively scored by Geoff Kingston this delightful waltz is the perfect encore. Although intended as a solo this may be performed, at the discretion of the Musical Director, by more than one player as a sectional feature.
The Minute Waltz, composed by Chopin and scored for Concert Band by Geoff Kingston, is the perfect encore and often played as fast as possible. Can be performed as a solo or sectional feature.

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