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Summer Scenes - Suite for Concert Band

1.Pony Cart Ride
3.Summer Shower
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About This Work

"Summer Scenes" is a short suite of three movements, composed and arranged by Philip Andrews, reflecting various aspects of the summer season. It was originally written for friends who played in a wind quartet.

1. ‘Pony Cart Ride', the first movement, portrays a gentle Sunday morning ride through the quiet leafy lanes of the countryside, with a carefree spirit and joyfulness of freedom.
The cheerful opening theme is maintained until a quieter section enters in the middle, where the pony cart and rider pass a church and the music becomes slower and more reverential for a brief period. Once passed, the music picks up again and we hear the clip-clopping of the pony cart theme again, this time on a larger and more high-spirited scale. This tune continues and eventually brings the first movement to an energetic close.

2. As the title suggests, the second movement ‘Picnic' is a relaxed and happy little piece depicting the pleasures of warm sunny days and fun in the great outdoors. In the opening four bars we hear a snatch of a well-known nursery rhyme - which makes brief appearances throughout the movement - and then the main melody enters on the high woodwind. The music continues at a calm and easy tempo, gradually building to a key change where the whole band joins in.

3. Inevitably many of our summer plans are hindered by rain, and this movement ‘Summer Shower' is representative of that. It starts with a gentle few spots, and as the music progresses, so does the intensity of the rainfall. Eventually the shower becomes heavier, characterised by the whole band joining in until gradually the rain diminishes. There is one last loud burst and then the rain lessens to a few drops and finally stops as the sun comes out once more.

This descriptive suite is suitable for bands of all grades and as always with works by Philip, it is tuneful, accessible and great fun to play. Also, available is his lovely suite ‘Three English County Folk Songs'

ComposerPhilip Andrews
ArrangerPhilip Andrews
CategoryConcert Band
Duration1. Pony Cart Ride - (2 mins 24 secs), Picnic - (2 mins 20 Secs), Summer Shower - (2 mins 30 secs)
DifficultyThis piece has difficulty rating of 2.5 on a scale one through 6, with 6 being the hardest. Click here to see how we grade our band sets.
Flutes 1-2
Bb Clarinets 1-2-3
Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophones 1-2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone
Horns in F 1-2
Horns in F 3-4
Bb Trumpets 1-2-3
Tenor Trombones 1-2
Bass Trombone
Drum Set
Suspended Cymbals
Hand Cymbals
Temple Blocks
Tubular Bells
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Product Code: SM0399

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