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The Drunken Sailor

Drunken Sailor
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About This Work

‘The Drunken Sailor' was arranged by Christian Day to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar Day in 2005. It was premiered by the ‘Clive Band of the Prince of Wales's Division' - now the Band of the Prince of Wales's Division - in 2006 and has since been performed on numerous occasions by the Brass Quintet of the Scots Guards Band.

The piece starts in sombre march style. Several nautical themes are hinted at before an up-tempo version of the melody appears with variations-including, of course, the obligatory 'drunken' trombone solo. The nautical themes are then re-introduced in a barrage of melody and an exciting conclusion ensues. This is a delightful arrangement by Christian of a popular tune and with its unexpected twists and turns great fun to perform.

'The Drunken Sailor' was a sea shanty (work song) often sung when raising a sail or raising the anchor, which is the reference for "Up She Rises" in the song's chorus. Such songs were the only ones allowed in the Royal Navy. Most often, only two or three verses were sung but verses were often added until the task was completed. The music was first reproduced in printed form in 1824-25 in Cole's Selection of Favourite Cotillions published in Baltimore. However, the lyrics were first published in 1891 under the title "What to do with a Drunken Sailor?"

ArrangerChristian Day
CategoryBrass Quintet
DifficultyThis piece has difficulty rating of 2.5 on a scale one through 6, with 6 being the hardest. Click here to see how we grade our band sets.
InstrumentationConductors Full Score
1st Bb Trumpet
2nd Bb Trumpet
Horn in F
Tenor Trombone
Additional Parts
Eb Horn
Bb Trombone
Eb Bass
Bb Bass
Parts SuppliedFor a full list of parts supplied under our free postage scheme, please visit FAQ's.
Catalogue No.
Product Code: SM0438

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